English Version – Public Call - The Arts Greenhouse - Stone Landscapes - Open Call for 9 artists in residence 12th – 22nd September 2016 - Cursi (Lecce, Italy)

The Arts Greenhouse – Stone Landscapes is an international residential workshop whose aim is to plan ways in which the area’s cultural and environmental resources can move forward in the future. This current project is being promoted by SAC Serre Salentine, the town council of Cursi, the Associazione Enti Locali Centro di Educazione Ambientale delle Serre Salentine, and co-financed by Regione Puglia and the EU, under Notice n. 49 “Tangible and intangible ways of evaluating cultural assets within landscapes identified as being ‘of historical importance’" according to APQ ‘Cultural Heritage and Activities’ guidelines.
The theme of the workshop is ‘planning for the future of the Cave, unique landscapes which have been created by the quarrying of Leccese stone’. The area is characterised by a considerable number of disused quarries and, to a lesser extent, quarries still in operation within a predominantly agricultural setting largely based on horticulture and olive production, which has preserved its rural landscape.
The residential workshop aims to:

  • Investigate the interrelationship between quarry, rural and urban landscapes in order to put forward guidelines for future public and private planning
  • Draft a series of ways in which the landscape of the Cave can be regenerated, with particular reference to the relict ‘sawmills’.
  • Design a stone product which will become emblematic of the stone landscapes and their material and cultural heritage across the ages.

The residential will be hosted between 12/09/2016 and 22/09/2016 in Cursi which make up the SAC Serre Salentine of Lecce province. The workshop will be made up of 9 designers selected by panel (see Section 8 below) led by 5 experts in the field with a special contribution by a well-known visiting professor. The residential will also include collaborative activities with local companies in the extractive and stone processing industries.
The organisers will provide the 9 chosen participants with the following:

  • All-inclusive voucher of € 440 per participant for travel expenses, accommodation and meals during the residential programme (12 - 22 September 2016);
  • All-inclusive lump sum contribution of € 500 for each participant for research expenses;
  • Shopping voucher of € 500 (to be paid by the host company) for materials necessary for the production of individual projects.